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account for explain 解释,说明 minute slight 细小的细微的 disorder confusion 无序,混乱 accuse of charge with 指控某人犯 investigate look into 调查 numerous many 许多 obvious clear 显而易见的 odd strange 奇怪的 participate in took part in 参加 preserve keep 保存 previously before 以前 pull up stop 停下 perceive notice 感知,注意 possess own 拥有, 占有 substantial significant 实质的重大的 spur encourage 促进, 激励 coverage reportage 报道 dimly faintly 昏暗地 mildly gently 温和地和蔼地 inevitable certain 不可避免的 e solve 解决 tremble shake 颤抖 shock surprise 震惊,使惊讶 abide by stick to 坚持,遵循 widen broaden 变宽,加宽 shabby unfair 不公正的 uneasy anxious 不安的忧虑的 demolish pull down 拆毁, 毁掉 adverse unfavorable 不利的逆的 concise short and clear 简明的 courteous respectful 有礼貌的 invaluable extremely useful 贵重的有价的 insane crazy 精神错乱的,疯狂的 exhaustive extremely thorough 详尽的透彻的 ingenious clever 灵巧的巧妙的 eligible qualified 有资格做 符合做 的条件 vigorous healthy 有活力的 abide by adhered to 服从,遵守 without bias fairly 公平地 terminate put an end to 结束 complain feel unhappy 抱怨,不高兴 effect result 影响,后果 realize know 知道,了解 for love or money at any price 无论付出多少代价 quarter fourth 四分之一 arouse excite 唤起,唤醒 assemble gather 聚集 at stake in danger 在危险之中 call up telephone 打 get up arise 起床 immediate江苏癫痫病公立医院ly right away 马上 look for try to find 寻找 talk over discuss 讨论 while when 当 时候 attend to wait on 伺候 regardless of whatever 不论,不顾 pressing urgent 紧迫的 scene location 地点 final last 的 satisfactorily acceptably 令人满意地 realize fulfill 实现 massive extensive 大规模的 explore investigate 调查,勘探 bearing influence 关系, 影响 cater for meet 满足,迎合 collaborate cooperate 合作,勾结 collide with run into 碰撞 compel force 强迫,迫使 comprehend understand 理解 confidential secret 机密的秘密的 the remainder the rest 剩余物剩下的人 poorly inadequately 贫乏地拙劣地 outcome result 结果 limited small 小的或少的 recommend suggest 建议,要求 gain put on 增加 convert change 兑换 foster cultivate 培养 alleviate lessen 减轻,缓解 contend argue 争辩,主张 deduce derive 推出,演绎 plane aircraft 飞机 quit give up 放弃 subject topic 主题 typical characteristic 典型的 virtually almost 几乎 gain profit 获利 cheerful pleasant 愉快的 gather come together 集合 nearest closest to 离---- 近 magnificent splendid 宏伟壮观的 cut in interrupt 打断,插话 grateful thankful 感激的 shrink contract 收缩 let rent 出租 do away with get rid of 拆除,除掉 tough strong 强壮的 fire dismiss 解雇 sole only 的 brave courageous 勇敢的 draw attract 吸引 yield harvest 收成


,产量 spare extra 多余的 be bordering on be close to 接近于,几乎 consume use 消费,使用 initial beginning 初,开始的 for the most part mostly 多半,大多数 aim goal 目标,目的 astonish surprise 使惊讶,吃惊 guarantee ensure 确保,保证 desirable satisfactory 理想的满意的 previously before 以前,先前 debate discuss 讨论,辩论 uncertainty doubt 怀疑,不确定 risk danger 危险,风险 behavior conduct 行为,举止 alternative choice 选择 conviction belief 相信,信念 authority government 当局,政府 moving stirring 感动人的 stand to reason seem logical 合理的 restrict confine 局限,限制 turn out produce 生产,制造 spectrum range 范围,领域 principal main 主要的首要的 horrify terrify 使害怕 sketch outline 讲述,描述 tolerate bear 忍受,忍耐 utterly totally 完全的彻底的 【我要纠错】 :christine